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Forward thinking companies work with DITA, so do we

Variation in authoring and publication platforms across different territories can result in inefficient and costly processes for content generation. Such scenarios have led forward thinking companies to move to the DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) standard.

DITA is an XML-based architecture developed and offered free of charge by IBM® and OASIS®.

The DITA standard offers a structured description for texts, enabling classification of content into themed fragments called topics. These referenced topics allow texts to be used multiple times without the creation and maintenance of redundant copies. Topic maps let you arrange DITA topic files and maps into components similar to the classical TOC.

Content managed via DITA is produced once, translated once and then stored for future deployment.

For technical publications, this changes the use of common applications such as Adobe® FrameMaker® and Adobe InDesign®. They are no longer authoring tools, but are used instead as layout tools for DITA content residing within a database or content management system that could be accessed by authors across different territories around the globe. There are also powerful XML editors such as XMetaL® that interact with DITA and serve as structured authoring tools. In turn, these tools can interact with content management systems.

DITA changes the process of translation, as only the required topics in XML format need be translated, not the entire document. We ensure that translators do not lose the context of these smaller "fragments" of text by providing access to the full source material for reference. Thereafter translators review the finished translation in context as a PDF document generated from FrameMaker or InDesign enabling final amends to occur to bilingual files.

With Translation Memory Tools such as SDL Trados Studio, we can efficiently translate DITA and XML content for seamless import into the respective authoring tool, delivering real efficiencies of time to market and budget.

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