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DTP - Desktop Publishing

Multi-lingual desktop publishing

The original layout and structure of your documentation is in safe hands at thewordhub. We recognise the time and effort invested in your documentation before we receive it. We seek to maintain or build upon the quality of publications through our multi-lingual DTP and Project Management work.

Our certified documentation experts check every detail of your documents before and after translation to maximise the efficiency of our processes. Often, this involves making corrections or layout changes that deliver cleaner more stable documents and attract more savings from translation memory. We will always communicate such changes to you and respect your preferences on style. We can also provide you with high and low resolution PDFs tailored to your specification for print or web use. PDF bookmarks can also be created to make the navigation of your documents easier in either Adobe® Acrobat® or Adobe Reader.

From simple paper based technical documents through to complex interactive electronic technical publications (IETPs) thewordhub can deliver.

We accept content in a wide range of formats across PC and MAC, and because we understand that not every company purchases or upgrades to the latest software, we accept content from many older software’s too. We can also migrate and rework old formats into the latest versions for portability between print and web for instance.

For website localisation we work directly with the content in various formats to suit our client's needs, for example HTML, XML, CSV, sequel server or database-driven facilities.

We know that often availability of source materials is limited and we can be working with PDFs, scanned documents or even hardcopy. We have dedicated workflows for all these scenarios developed over many years of working with OEM materials.

Decals, signage and labels are a challenge we enjoy and represent a significant portion of our DTP work. We know this is often the first thing your customer will see, it conveys your brand, and in the case of safety labeling has legal implications. Using Adobe's state-of-the-art Photoshop® software, we can edit flattened bitmap images to remove unwanted items or replace text translations. Similarly, we work with vector based technical drawings output from CAD packages or Adobe Illustrator® extracting text manually or automatically to yield translation memory savings before final formatting back to source format.

We rebadge, revise and rebrand complete documentation packages, including updating spares parts numbers and descriptions, to enable resale of OEM equipment across global markets.

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