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Terminology Management

Coordinating terminology across all communications to deliver better quality multi-lingual content

Terminology, the key specialised words and phrases that describe your products and services, communicate the benefits of your brand whilst enabling a full understanding of purpose and function.

Terminology can include specific jargon or shop talk pertinent to your marketplace through to brand names, tag lines and slogans, as well as the accepted industry terms that comply with global standards and legal frameworks.

Consistent terminology across global content is essential as products are often located via online search engines. By centrally coordinating terminology you can be assured your content is optimised for the web.

We create, store and maintain up to date terminology databases for you, and use the latest tools to deploy and check terminology within your translated content. This centralisation enables better quality multilingual content to be produced across your supply chain.

Our processes increase the efficiency of translations by reducing the presence of errors, minimising duplication of effort and shortening review cycles.

Through iGlobal we can centralise terminology at your desktop avoiding the time intensive methods of coordinating multiple authors at different sites company-wide.

We can work with existing terminology assets or develop our own by using the latest tools to locate and extract key terminology from source materials or bilingual content. We enter a cycle of review with clients to produce a solid foundation of agreed terms which can be added to, and edited with each project.

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