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Translation Review

Global review creates better translation

Accurate technical documentation is a significant requirement in any engineering environment supporting safe operation and maintenance of complex assets and equipment. Safety, training, and routine maintenance practices all depend upon access to accurate and up to date technical documentation. thewordhub sets an enviable standard for accuracy through our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system which encompasses the BS EN-15038 translation standard.

Our clients are global and have the in-country resource to review our work. This presents us with the opportunity to collaborate with the people involved at first hand with the equipment our translations support. We maximise this opportunity by encouraging review whenever possible and providing simple processes to enable it.

Our translators provide support, checking reviewed work to ensure the integrity of the original meaning remains, unless a re-write of the target text is intended. Usually changes are made based upon product knowledge, local market conditions or simply due to differing style preference. Our automated review process captures changes for future deployment from translation memories in a cycle of continual improvement.

Review is an opportunity to develop style guides, useful for both the client and translator. Guides may differ by language or even territory, and should include the idea of authoring for a global audience, enabling and enhancing onward translation.

Guides can cover a wide range of concerns for authors including form of address, style of voice, do’s and don’ts regarding spelling, phrasing, terminology verses colloquialism and expressions specified and defined in certain relevant EC or other industry standards.

Ideally, authors, translators and client reviewers should follow available style guides, not only to simplify communication and onward translations, but also to build TM leverage through greater consistency across all areas of global communications.

During review we encourage:

Our automated review process offers:

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